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My Smurfy Valentine

My Smurfy Valentine

The Smurfs

  • Жанр: Kids
  • Дата Выпуска: 1983-02-13
  • Эпизод(ов): 1
  • Цена iTunes: USD 1.99
Из 90 Голос(ов)


What could be more smurfy than spending Valentine's Day with the most lovable blue creatures in all of the forest? In this half-hour animated special, as the Smurfs busy themselves making valentines for their friends, Cupid cheerfully shoots his love-tipped arrows around the forest. Then he spies Gargamel. Can Cupid's arrow make a dent in this evil wizard's stone-hard heart? Meanwhile, Smurfette wishes for her own Prince Smurfing to give a valentine to, and writes to Cupid asking for her wish to be granted. But Gargamel intercepts Smurfette's letter and sees a golden opportunity to capture the Smurfs — his deepest wish. As Gargamel plots his perfect plan, he receives a message from Chlorhydris, a woman more wicked than he, who offers him gold in exchange for his cat, Azrael — who happens to be the exact dimensions Chlorhydris needs in order to cast an evil spell. Will wickedness rule the forest this Valentine's Day, or will the Smurfs prove that love — the smurfy kind — trumps all?


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